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  • IMP6035-45(2)

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    Patricia Barber Cafe Blue 1STEP 180g 45rpm 2LP
    Patricia Barber

    Coming September 2020 pre-order your copy today! Orders with both pre-order and in stock items will have all in stock items shipped immediately!
    Genre: Jazz
    Brand: Impex
    Size: 12″
    Additional Artists: John McLean Michael Arnopol Mark Walker
    Format: 45RPM,

    TAS Super LP List! Special Merit: Informal

    1STEP Process 180g 45rpm Double LP Pressed on VR900-Supreme Vinyl!
    Cut From Original Analog Work Masters by Kevin Gray at CoHearent Audio!
    Strictly Limited To 5000 Numbered Pressings!

    Impex Records, we are always looking to create new, value-added audiophile products that expand your enjoyment and immersion in great recordings. In that vein, we are excited to begin 2020 by announcing our new ultra-luxe 180-gram LP series, Impex 1STEP. As with all of our productions we supervise and create every asset by hand and never settle for any asset that isn’t The Best It Can Be.

    The Impex 1STEP process relies on short, tightly-controlled runs that require a new lacquer after each 500 pressings. This unforgiving format has the lacquer skipping the regular father-mother process, going right to a single convert and then pressing. Though this dramatically increases mastering and production costs, it also assures each run is more consistent from disc to disc, with less noise, clearer details and deeper bass.

    Two 180-gram 45-rpm LPs, pressed on VR900-supreme vinyl, and a deluxe booklet are packaged in a heavy-duty 3-sleeve jacket. The jacket is then placed in a cloth-bound slip case that protects your investment and brings a cool retro-modern look to your shelves. Strictly limited to 5,000 pressings!

    Reducing production complexity to just a single “convert” disc between the lacquer and the press greatly improves groove integrity, diminishes non-fill anomalies and increases signal integrity from the master tape to your system.

    Patricia Barber has always been an artist’s artist, harnessing a restless imagination and an intellectualized curiosity to create visionary jazz that breaks boundaries and reorders perceptions. She serves the chase: the unexpected musical note. The irreplaceable word. The irregular beating heart of jazz.

    And Café Blue is the album that best personifies her genius. Spare, turbulent, quirky, and slyly humorous, there is no other jazz masterwork quite like it.

    For our first collaboration with this musical vanguard, Impex’s 1STEP is exclusively cut from original analog work masters and cut by Kevin Gray at CoHearent Audio. The stunning fidelity, breathtaking dynamics and startling spacial realism surpass every other edition of this breakthrough album.

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  • HNZ038-1LP

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    Music fans first heard the miracle voice of Jimmie Herrod on record with Pink Martini’s release of the single “Exodus” in 2018. The Pacific-Northwest based singer has been touring full time with the globe-trotting “little orchestra” Pink Martini for the past two years, his breathtaking soaring vocals bringing an instant standing ovation at each Pink Martini show.

    To help more fans worldwide witness this thrilling new voice, Pink Martini bandleader Thomas Lauderdale has produced a special five-song ep featuring Jimmie’s astonishing talent, “a voice like a beacon of hope” (Seattle Times), accompanied by Pink Martini. Featuring the title track, an epic new recording of the hit song “Tomorrow” from “Annie”, alongside memorable repertoire like “He Was Too Good to Me” and a catchy cover of “Tell Him”, originally made famous by The Exciters, this new ep is a must listen for fans of Pink Martini and, indeed, anyone who appreciates rich and orchestral pop.

    Available on 10″ vinyl on January 3rd, 2020!

    Track Listing:

    He Was Too Good to Me
    Tell Him
    Que tout recommence

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  • HNZ037-1LP

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    dna Vazquez is a fearless singer, songwriter and guitarist whose haunting and powerful voice and musical talent transcend the boundaries of language to engage and uplift her audience.

    Born in Jalisco, Mexico, and now based in Portland, Oregon, Edna has been touring full time with the globe-trotting “little orchestra” Pink Martini as a special guest singer for the last two years, her featured moments on stage inevitably bringing a roaring standing ovation at every tour stop.

    Now, to help give this incredible talent an even wider exposure, Pink Martini bandleader Thomas Lauderdale has produced a special five-song ep featuring Edna’s soul-stirring singing accompanied by Pink Martini. Edna’s original song “Sola Soy” is the highlight of the album, alongside memorable classic repertoire in Spanish, such as the title track and “Quizás, quizás, quizás.”

    Available on 10″ vinyl on January 3rd, 2020!

    Track Listing:

    Bésame mucho (Kiss Me a Lot)
    Sola soy (Alone, I am)
    Lo que pasó, pasó (What’s in the Past is Past)
    Te he visto pasar (I Saw You Passing By)
    Quizás, quizás, quizás (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)

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  • HNZ034-1LP

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    Je n'en crois pas mes oreilles! All of Pink Martini's French songs from its entire discography collected on this special edition enhanced with deluxe tri-color vinyl – the perfect gift for the Francophile, French student, or Paris-bound traveler in your life. “Non Ouais” includes some of this “little orchestra”'s biggest international hits, including “Sympathique (Je ne veux pas travailler)”, nominated for Song of the Year in France. Featuring special appearances by French stars Georges Moustaki and Philippe Katerine. Play it at your next dinner party… Ça te dit?

    Track Listing:

    Joli garçon (from Je dis oui!)
    Sympathique (Je ne veux pas travailler) (from Sympathique)
    Où est ma tête? (from Splendor in the Grass)
    Le premier bonheur du jour (from Dream a Little Dream)
    Je ne t’aime plus (from Get Happy)
    Souvenir (from Je dis oui!)
    Dansez-vous (from Hang on Little Tomato)
    Syracuse (from Hey Eugene!)
    Fini la musique (from Je dis oui!)
    Autrefois (from Hang on Little Tomato)
    Ma solitude (from A Retrospective)
    Cet homme au grand sombrero (from A Retrospective)

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  • SAM SFP10.004

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    Jef Gilson – Jef Gilson a Gaveau – SFP 10.004 – 1965

    Official release with the full permission and cooperation of the Estate of Jef Gilson.
    Recorded on May 15, 1965 at Davout Studio, Paris.

    Original LP issue: SFP 10.004.
    Contrary to what the title implies this album is not a concert recording, the original compositions from Jef Gilson that make this program were captured a month after this historic show, at the mythical studio Davout that had just opened that year (The Rolling Stones, The Cure, but also Art Blakey or Chet Baker were to record there before it closed down in 2017).
    The ‘A Gaveau’ title was an expression of proudness and accomplishment for Jef, as playing adventurous jazz in a big-band format in this beautiful venue solely dedicated to classical music since its foundation in 1907 was a groundbreaking act. Martial Solal only had managed to play jazz there before him in a more standard trio format that resulted in a live album called ‘Jazz A Gaveau’.
    Jef Gilson was already active on the jazz scene for years prior to this recording as he started performing with Claude Luter and Boris Vian just after WWII. But his first album, already a big band playing his compositions, was only released 4 years before this one, in 1961, with and apt title ‘Enfin !’ (at last !).
    Strongly independent and with radical and original views on jazz, Jef was a tough and hard-working fellow. At that time he already was a pianist, composer, arranger, sound engineer, producer and a music theorist (he later wrote a controversial book on harmony). Jef wouldn’t compromise on anything and by design self-produced most of his records. SFP was a co-op label where self-produced artists could find a home. It was a temporary one for Jef before he founded his own studio and his PALM label at the beginning of the 70s.
    Journalist and critic for JAZZ HOT, Jef was always on the look-out for new talents. Some of the musicians who he directs on this album are barely 20 years old and yet unknown, but many would soon be rising jazz stars and a few of them are still recording and performing to this day. You can still attend shows in France by Michel Portal, Bernard Lubat or Jacques Di Donato who all started their career in Jef’s big band.
    Jef of course spotted immediately the young Woody Shaw who has just been invited to Paris a few months before by his friend reedman Nathan Davis who was already a figure on the Parisian club scene. Both of them have recorded this album only a week after their session for the saxophonist’s second album Peace Treaty.

    Woody Shaw, Yvan Jullien, Sonny Grey & Roger Guérin (Trumpet)
    François Guin, Raymond Fonsèque (Trombone)
    Michel Portal, Jacques Di Donato, Nathan Davis, Henri Jouhaud & Jean-Louis Chautemps (Saxophone)
    Jef Gilson (Piano) 
Bernard Lubat (Vibraphone)
    Alby Cullaz (Bass)
    Jacques Thollot (Drums)

    Side A:
    Made for Mad (J. Gilson) 3’13’’
    Jazz a la Quarte (J. Gilson) 3’35’’
    Nuages de Pierre (C. Lenissois) 3’30’’
    Happy Filou (J. Gilson) 4’40’’

    Side B:
    Modalité pour Mimi (J. Gilson) 3’45’’
    Je me souviens encore du Grand Orchestre de Dizzy Gillespie en 1948 (J. Gilson) 3’50’’
    Jazz Gymnopédie (J. Gilson) 3’34’’
    Quintes de Tout (C. Lenissois) 3’32’’

    Re-mastered from a copy of the original mono master tapes.
    Limited edition 1000 copies.
    180 gr vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany.
    Facsimile reissue using the original photo by Jean-Pierre Leloir.
    Double insert using an original photo by JP Leloir from 1965.
    Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.

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  • SAM SFP10.003

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    Nathan Davis Sextet – Peace Treaty – SFP 10.003 – 1965
    Recorded on May 7th, 1965 at Studio de la Comédie des Champs-Elysées, Paris.

    Original LP issue: SFP 10.003.
    One of the first true moments of genius from saxophonist Nathan Davis – a mid 60s European session cut for the tiny SFP label – and a record that’s even rarer than his early classics for MPS! The sound here is similar to the MPS sides – a mixture of soul jazz and modal jazz – served up with a bit more freedoms than Davis might have gotten on the US scene, and featuring a lineup that includes Woody Shaw on trumpet, Jean-Louis Chautemps on baritone sax, Rene Urtreger on piano, Jimmy Woode on bass, and Kenny Clarke on drums. The tight rhythm of Woode and Clarke is a nice counterpoint to the modernism of Davis and Shaw – Davis works a bit on soprano, which sounds especially great! Titles include “Peace Treaty”, “Klook’s Theme”, “Now Let M’ Tell Ya”, “Kansas City Special”, and “Sconsolato”. (Review courtesy of Dusty Groove)

    Nathan Davis (Tenor & Soprano Saxophone)
    Woody Shaw (Trumpet)
    Jean-Louis Chautemps (Barytone Saxophone)
    René Urtreger (Piano)
    Jimmy Woode (Bass)
    Kenny Clarke (Drums)

    Side A
    Klook’s Theme 4’22”
    Peace Treaty 3’42”
    Now Let M’ Tell Ya 5’58”

    Side B
    Sconsolato (J. Woode) 3’26”
    Ruby My Dear (T. Monk) 6’53”
    Kansas City Special 4’24”

    All compositions by Nathan Davis except where noticed.
    Re-mastered from the original stereo master tapes..
    Limited edition 2000 copies.
    180 gr vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany.
    Facsimile reissue using the original photo by Jean-Pierre Leloir.
    Double insert using an original photo by JP Leloir from 1965.
    Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.

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  • SAM SR 21/2

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    Art Blakey & The New Jazzmen – Live in Paris ’65
    Limited to 2,000 copies. (P) &(C) 2020.

    A never-before released Art Blakey 1965 live recordings.
    First official release with the full permission and cooperation of the Art Blakey Estate & INA (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel).
    Available on vinyl only. No CD, No Digital is scheduled.
    A truly powerhouse quintet!
    Art Blakey, Live in ’65 boasts an exceptional one-hour concert from Paris in 1965. This performance showcases one of the few undocumented Blakey bands, the New Jazzmen, featuring Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Jaki Byard on piano, Reggie Workman on bass, Nathan Davis on sax, and, of course, Blakey on drums.
    Freddie Hubbard’s incendiary playing on “Blue Moon” and the blistering 24-minute version of his own “Crisis” shows that he was one of the most innovative trumpeters in jazz history.
    On this live session, the audiences seem to have been enthusiastic and appreciative. “Everywhere we’d go people would say, This is the best Jazz Messengers we’ve heard!”, according to Davis. “And because of the way Jaki would play and Reggie would go, it was like a semi-freedom thing – with Messengers heads, you know, but when we got to soloing…! And Blakey was ridin’ and floatin’ the time…but he would always be loose enough to follow, to keep it going. He’s one helluva musician.”

    Recorded at Palais de la Mutualité, Paris, France, November 3, 1965.
    Freddie Hubbard (Trumpet)
    Nathan Davis (Tenor saxophone)
    Jacki Byard (Piano)
    Reggie Workman (Bass)
    Art Blakey (Drums)

    Side A
    The Hub (Freddie Hubbard) 16’44
    Blue Moon (Rogers/Hart) 7’44

    Side B
    Crisis (Freddie Hubbard) 24’46
    Re-mastered from the original Mono Master Tapes.
    Limited edition 2000 copies.
    180 gr vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany.
    Deluxe high-gloss flipback album jacket.
    Essay written by Brian Priestley.
    Double insert using an original photo by JP Leloir from the concert.
    Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.

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    Forever Changes (Mono)

    Alone Again Or
    A House Is Not A Motel
    The Daily Planet
    Old Man
    The Red Telephone
    Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale
    Live And Let Live
    The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This
    Bummer In The Summer
    You Set The Scene

    “Forever Changes” is the third studio album by the American psychedelic rock band Love. Failing to achieve commercial success when it was first released by Elektra Records in November 1967, it has since been widely accepted as one of the greatest albums ever made, ranking 40th on Rolling Stone magazine’s 2003 list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, and being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2008.

    Released: End of July 2020

    True Mono LP – Catalogue Number. ERC057M
    Only 300 copies of each will be sold.
    ERC will not undertake a repress of any release at any future point.

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    Symphony No.13 “Babi Yar”
    Andre Previn conducts the LSO

    Babi Yar
    In The Store
    A Career

    André Previn, who died in February last year was born April 6, 1929, in Berlin, Germany and fled Nazi persecution with his family to Los Angeles in 1939.Previn’s pedigree was unique: no other Oscar-winning conductor-composer from the Hollywood film studios became equally successful and respected in the world of classical music as he did with The London Symphony Orchestra – headed from 1968 to 1979 – whilst also maintaining a side career as a jazz pianist.

    Released: End of July 2020

    Stereo LP – Catalogue Number. ERC056
    Only 150 copies of each will be sold.
    ERC will not undertake a repress of any release at any future point.

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  • VALLPBR002

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    Mozart By Candlelight : Binaural Recording 耳聽為真180g LPs

    Track Listings

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
    1. Allegro – Romance – Andante con moto – Menuetto and Trio – Rondo Flute & Harp Concerto
    2. Rondo Symphony No. 29 in A
    3. Rondo

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  • VALLPBR001

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    Chasing The Dragon ESPANA Binaural Recordings (180g LP) 耳聽為真180g LPs

    Track Listings

    Side A:
    Georges Bizet (1838-1875)
    The Gypsy Song

    Emmanuel Chabrier (1841-1894)

    Side B:
    Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908)
    Capriccio Espagnol

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  • SP 8510

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    Michael Rabin (stereo LP)
    SKU: SP8510
    The Magic Bow
    Paganini, Kreisler, Rimsky-Korsakov, Saint-Sa?ns, Dinicu, Massenet, Sarasate
    Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra
    Felix Slatkin

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