Return & Cancellation


1. If you receive an incorrect or faulty product please contact our customer service by email ( ) once you received the product within 3 days for replacement or refund.

2. After you have returned your item(s) to the Shun Cheong Record’s office or stores, we will contact you by email within 30 days for arrangement.

3. You will be charged for the shipping on your new purchase unless the replacement is at the fault of

4. We reserve the right to reject a return from any customer should any of the above conditions are not met or if we consider there to have been an excessive number of returns from the customer.

*Each order only allows RETURN once.



1. Your order can be cancelled at late payment after we have sent you confirmation email for 3 days.
2. Once the payment has been made, your order cannot be cancelled or refund.
3. After we confirm your replacement, you may then place an order for replacement item(s) that you want. You will be charged for the shipping on your new purchase. Please read “Exchange” for details.

*We reserve the right to reject any order.