Hangs On Little Tomato
Pink Martini

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Let's Never Stop Falling In Love
2. Anna (el Negro Zumbon)
3. Hang On Little Tomato
4. The Gardens Of Sampson & Beasley
5. Veronique

Side B
1. Dansez-vous
2. Lilly
3. Autrefois
4. U Plavu Zoru
5. Clementine

Side C
1. Una Notte A Napoli
2. Kikuchiyo To Mohshimasu
3. Aspettami
4. Song Of The Black Swan

Side D
Bonus Tracks

1. Una Notte A Napoli (First Recording)
2. Aspettami (First Recording)
3. Kikuchiyo To Mohshimasu (the Hiroshi Wada Mix)
4. Una Notte A Napoli (DJ Johnny Dynell Remix)

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