Denise Jannah & Atzko Kohashi
“Lost & Found”

* 100% analog

* Live to 2 track
* 180 gram vinyl
* 100% virgin black vinyl
* HQ pressing at -Record Industry – The Netherlands
* AudioQuest cables used to transfer from tape to lacquer !

A1- A Time For love  6:36  (J.Mandel,P.F.Webster)
A2- Black Coffee 6:50  (S.Bruke,P.F.Webster)
A3- Answer Me My love    5:32  (G.Winkler,F.Rauch,C.Sigman)

B1- Alice In Wonderland   5:39  (S.Fain,B,Hillard)
B2- Lazy Afternoon   8:48  (J.Moross,J.La Touche)
B3- Wan Nyun Dei   6:15  (E.Baarn-Dijksteel,D.Jannah)

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