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It’s 2022, it’s Analogtage – and once again, the music is made in front of the microphones, by musicians who – as in the case of this live recording – not only face the audience, but also dispense with nets and false floors for the recording; authenticity takes precedence over perfection. The concept of Analogtage does not allow for any subsequent manipulation of the recording, which is made directly on stereo tape. This concert shows what a musical stroke of luck this can be.

Axel Fischbacher about his trio: “You start counting, it just sounds good and it works. What more do you want? The way we completely dissolve the strict form of trio, soloist and accompanist and then use it again, the way we improvise between “abstract/free” and “strict/stylistic” and generally play with the elements of the compositions, was just there. We didn’t discuss it. We didn’t have to. And that’s a good thing. Nico Brandenburg on double bass and Tim Dudek on drums are congenial, equal partners. Sophia Oster – who stepped in as a substitute two days before the recording – brings her sensitive singing and her extremely subtle and virtuoso piano playing to this concert. Everything fits. We are witnessing a rising star of jazz!

Side A
1. Autumn Leaves
2. I Remember You
3. It Is Quiet Now

Side B
4. Someone To Watch Over Me
5. Cuppa Joe
6. Like A Blackbird’s Heart

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