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  • YYNI-0060243558

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    Thelonious Monk Palo Alto LP
    Thelonious Monk

    Unheard 1968 Palo Alto High School Concert On Vinyl LP!

    After the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1968, racial tensions across the country rose. Palo Alto, a largely white college town in California, was not immune to the events of the day. Danny Scher, a rising junior at Palo Alto High School, had a dream to bring Thelonious Monk to Palo Alto to perform and help bring about racial unity in his community as well as raise funds for his school’s International Committee. After somehow securing Monk’s services to perform on Sunday, October 27, Scher initially had trouble selling tickets and convincing people that Monk was even going to show up. With many twists and turns along the way and several hundred people in the school’s parking lot awaiting Monk’s arrival before purchasing tickets, the concert eventually happened and was a triumph in more ways than Monk or Scher could have imagined. This is a recording of that historic event.

    Now available on Vinyl – includes 2 booklets and a poster.

    Thelonious Monk piano
    Charlie Rouse tenor saxophone
    Larry Gales bass
    Ben Riley drums

    Side A:

    Ruby, My Dear
    Well, You Needn’t

    Side B:

    Don’t Blame Me
    Blue Monk
    I Love You Sweetheart Of All My Dreams

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  • CLO02254LP

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    Judy Collins White Bird – Anthology Of Favorites LP (White Vinyl)
    Judy Collins

    Limited Edition White Vinyl LP!
    Collection Hand-Picked By Collins Herself!
    Featuring Stephen Stills, Willie Nelson & Joan Baez!

    Folk music legend Judy Collins hand-picked this selection of her most treasured recent recordings.

    Features a brand new, never before released cover of “White Bird,” the 1969 gem from San Francisco hippie rock group It's A Beautiful Day, which will be released as a single on March 19 and supported with a publicity campaign. Also includes superb new versions of Joni Mitchell's “Chelsea Morning,” The Byrds' “Turn! Turn! Turn!,” and Randy Newman's “I Think It's Going To Rain Today.” Special guests include CSN's Stephen Stills, Willie Nelson & Joan Baez. This gorgeous collection will be released on limited edition white vinyl.


    Limited Edition
    White Vinyl
    Songs hand-picked by Judy Collins
    Brand new, never before released cover of “White Bird”

    Side A:

    White Bird
    Chelsea Morning
    Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
    Pack Up Your Sorrows
    When I Go (Feat. Willie Nelson)

    Side B:

    I Think It's Going To Rain Today
    Last Thing On My Mind (Feat. Stephen Stills)
    Both Sides Now
    Diamonds & Rust (Feat. Joan Baez)
    Send In The Clowns

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  • STCL1011

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  • MMXR-24008

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    The Best of Violin
    MMXR-2008 is the best album said to be the culmination of master
    Salvatore Accardo. This album includes the most beautiful recording of
    Violin concertos, violin solo, violin and piano, quartet.
    In addition, the album is a live recording at the famous theaters in Italy such as Rome and Cremona.

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  • STS61111102LP

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    The Rosenberg Trio
    Tim Kliphuis (live)

    33rpm / Audiophile Edition

    Side A

    1A. Flamingo – T. Grouya
    1B. Night and day – C. Porter
    2. Mozology – M. Rosenberg
    3. Les yeux noirs – Traditional

    Side B
    1. How high is the moon – M. Lewis/N. Hamilton
    2. Samba Paula – T. Kliphuis
    3. Blues en Mineur – D. Reinhardt
    8. Got a match – In Memoriam Chick Corea
    9 Poincjana – Traditional

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  • LB053/054

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    IZUTSU KANAE 井筒香奈江

    Another Answer(UHQCD+DVD)
    ※UHQCD + DVD

    二つのアレンジで歌い上げた井筒香奈江オリジナル「輝く街」を含む新録音4曲と、ダイレクトカット盤21世紀初の話題作「Direct Cutting at King Sekiguchidai Studio」からの別テイクを加えた、空間と感情が見える演奏と音質の全8曲、編集無しの一発録音で挑んだ意欲作。

    Disc 2 – DVD
    「輝く街」Making & Music Video

    1.Sing Sing Sing
    2.輝く街 (Guitar, Violin ver.)
    4.Love Theme from Spartacus (スパルタカス愛のテーマ)
    8.輝く街 (Piano, Guitar ver.)

    ■Vocal:井筒 香奈江
    Piano:藤澤 由二(3,4,5,6,7.8)
    Guitar/Irish bouzouki:伊丹 雅博(1,2,3,8)
    Vibraphone/Percussion:大久保 貴之(1,4,5)
    Electric Bass:小川 浩史(1,6)
    Contrabass:磯部 英貴(6,7)

    Sound Producer & Recording Engineer:高田 英男(MIXER'S LAB)
    Assistant Engineer:高橋 友一(キング関口台スタジオ)
    Technical Engineer:高橋 邦明(キング関口台スタジオ)
    Piano Tuner:井出 誠(井出ピアノ調律所)
    Mastering Engineer:辻 裕行(キング関口台スタジオ)2021.3.22
    D.C Member:上田 佳子、冬木 真吾(日本コロムビア株式会社)
    Produced: 井筒 香奈江(JellyfishLB)

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  • PJR001(2)

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    7RAY feat. Triple Ace (2LPs/180g)

    Jazzy Zoetrope

    Studio Recording – Studio Baumgarten

    1. Night and day 5:42
    2. Fly me to the moon 4:13
    3. One for my baby 4:22
    4. It was a good year 4:28

    1. I‘ve been missing you 2:51
    2. My baby just cares for me 3:20
    3. Send in the clowns 3:23
    4. Nature boy 4:56
    5. I remember you 3:48

    Live Recording – Pro-Ject Headquarters

    1. Nature boy 5:35
    2. A foggy day 4:06
    3. I‘ve got you under my skin 5:36
    4. I‘ve been missing you 3:05

    1. Blue Moon 6:30
    2. My baby just cares for me 4:06
    3. Lady is a Tramp 4:28
    4. One for my baby 4:24

    A Pro-Ject Records Exclusive-Release!

    Studio and Live Recording at Studio Baumgarten & Pro-Ject Headquarters

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  • IMP6035-45(2)

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    Patricia Barber Cafe Blue 1STEP 180g 45rpm 2LP
    Patricia Barber

    Genre: Jazz
    Brand: Impex
    Size: 12″

    Additional Artists: John McLean Michael Arnopol Mark Walker
    Format: 45RPM,

    TAS Super LP List! Special Merit: Informal

    1STEP Process 180g 45rpm Double LP Pressed on VR900-Supreme Vinyl!
    Cut From Original Analog Work Masters by Kevin Gray at CoHearent Audio!
    Strictly Limited To 5000 Numbered Pressings!

    Impex Records, we are always looking to create new, value-added audiophile products that expand your enjoyment and immersion in great recordings. In that vein, we are excited to begin 2020 by announcing our new ultra-luxe 180-gram LP series, Impex 1STEP. As with all of our productions we supervise and create every asset by hand and never settle for any asset that isn’t The Best It Can Be.

    The Impex 1STEP process relies on short, tightly-controlled runs that require a new lacquer after each 500 pressings. This unforgiving format has the lacquer skipping the regular father-mother process, going right to a single convert and then pressing. Though this dramatically increases mastering and production costs, it also assures each run is more consistent from disc to disc, with less noise, clearer details and deeper bass.

    Two 180-gram 45-rpm LPs, pressed on VR900-supreme vinyl, and a deluxe booklet are packaged in a heavy-duty 3-sleeve jacket. The jacket is then placed in a cloth-bound slip case that protects your investment and brings a cool retro-modern look to your shelves. Strictly limited to 5,000 pressings!

    Reducing production complexity to just a single “convert” disc between the lacquer and the press greatly improves groove integrity, diminishes non-fill anomalies and increases signal integrity from the master tape to your system.

    Patricia Barber has always been an artist’s artist, harnessing a restless imagination and an intellectualized curiosity to create visionary jazz that breaks boundaries and reorders perceptions. She serves the chase: the unexpected musical note. The irreplaceable word. The irregular beating heart of jazz.

    And Café Blue is the album that best personifies her genius. Spare, turbulent, quirky, and slyly humorous, there is no other jazz masterwork quite like it.

    For our first collaboration with this musical vanguard, Impex’s 1STEP is exclusively cut from original analog work masters and cut by Kevin Gray at CoHearent Audio. The stunning fidelity, breathtaking dynamics and startling spacial realism surpass every other edition of this breakthrough album.

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  • TULP050

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    Mary Black: Orchestrated – Featuring RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra

    Artist: Mary Black
    Title: Orchestrated – Featuring RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra

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  • PM2197LP

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    Fred Hersch – Songs From Home
    Pianist/composer Fred Hersch celebrates his 65th birthday with new solo album!

    Songs From Home explores nostalgic pop songs, heartfelt originals, and resonant jazz classics!

    When the country went into lockdown in early 2020, pianist/composer Fred Hersch was among the first to find a new way forward, checking in every afternoon for nearly two months with his “Tune of the Day” performances on Facebook. The experience prompted his intimate and reflective new solo album, Songs From Home. The 10-song collection, via Palmetto Records, responds the tumult of the world outside with an embrace of nostalgia and warmth, captured in the tranquility of the pianist’s rural Pennsylvania home.

    “It’s kind of a comfort food album,” Hersch admits, “with a little badass stuff in there too. I didn’t want to make an easy listening record, but I did want to play some music that would make people happy.”

    1. Side A
    2. 1. Wouldn’t It Be Loverly (Loewe)
    3. 2. Wichita Lineman (Webb)
    4. 3. After You’ve Gone (Layton)
    5. 4. All I Want (Mitchell)
    Side B
    7. 1. Get Out Of Town (Porter)
    8. 2. West Virginia Rose (Hersch) / The Water Is Wide (traditional)
    9. 3. Solitude (Ellington)
    10. 4. When I’m Sixty-Four (Lennon/McCartney)

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  • MR538639370(2)

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    180-gram gatefold double LP

    Vellum inner sleeves plus a 4-page insert

    Road To The Sun is yet another unexpected and genre-defying new recording from the 20-time Grammy winning guitarist/composer Pat Metheny. Metheny’s new album Road To The Sun features two major new works: A four-movement solo guitar suite “Four Paths Of Light” — performed by Grammy-winner Jason Vieaux, described by NPR as “perhaps the most precise and soulful classical guitarist of his generation” — and the centerpiece of this landmark recording Road To The Sun, a six-movement piece for fellow Grammy-award winning Los Angeles Guitar Quartet LAGQ — Metheny describes them as “one of the best bands in the world.”

    In the end, Road To The Sun is nothing if not another truly great Pat Metheny record. It will rank alongside Secret Story, Bright Size Life, 80/81, One Quiet Night, Still Life (talking), Song X, and all the rest as being yet another unexpected and almost willfully inscrutable plot twist, inevitable to a genre with only one common element: Metheny himself.

    Side 1
    1. Pat Metheny: Four Paths of Light, Pt. 1 – By Jason Vieaux
    2. Pat Metheny: Four Paths of Light, Pt. 2 – By Jason Vieaux
    3. Pat Metheny: Four Paths of Light, Pt. 3 – By Jason Vieaux
    4. Pat Metheny: Four Paths of Light, Pt. 4 – By Jason Vieaux

    Side 2
    1. Pat Metheny: Road to the Sun, Pt. 1 – By Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
    2. Pat Metheny: Road to the Sun, Pt. 2 – By Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
    3. Pat Metheny: Road to the Sun, Pt. 3 – By Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

    Side 3
    1. Pat Metheny: Road to the Sun, Pt. 4 – By Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
    2. Pat Metheny: Road to the Sun, Pt. 5 – By Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
    3. Pat Metheny: Road to the Sun, Pt. 6 – By Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

    Side 4
    1. Arvo Pärt: Für Alina (arr. Pat Metheny for 42 string guitar)

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  • 0088072159426

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    Travis – The Boy With No Name (LP + 7″)

    Side A
    1. 3 Times And You Lose
    2. Selfish Jean
    3. Closer
    4. Big Chair
    5. Battleships
    6. Eyes Wide Open

    Side B
    1. My Eyes
    2. One Night
    3. Under The Moonlight
    4. Out In Space
    5. Colder
    6.New Amsterdam

    1. Sailing Away

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