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  • LMFS031

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    Bill Evans and Jim Hall – Undercurrent

    1/4″ / 15 IPS Dolby A analog copy to analog console to lathe
    Bill Evans catapulted to the top of the jazz world in June 1961 after reeling off three straight masterpiece sessions at New York's Village Vanguard with his trio. Yet the emotional highs came to a screeching halt shortly thereafter when bassist Scott LaFaro died in a car accident. Devastated, Evans refrained from playing for nearly a year. If not for an inspirational collaboration of tremendous creative outpouring, one wonders what fate may have befallen Evans. Undercurrent, the outcome of two studio sessions with guitarist Jim Hall, is that project.

    My Funny Valentine
    I Hear a Rhapsody
    Dream Gypsy
    Skating in Central Park
    Darn That Dream

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  • APJ8762

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    Bill Evans
    At The Montreux Jazz Festival

    Track Listing:

    Side 1
    One For Helen
    A Sleeping Bee
    Mother Of Earl

    Side 2
    I Love You Porgy
    The Touch Of Your Lips
    Embraceable You
    Someday My Prince Will Come
    Walkin’ U

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  • APJ018(22LPS-45

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    • Box set containing 11 albums on 22 45rpm LPs
    • 180g Vinyl
    • Facsimiles of each original jacket
    • 18-page booklet detailing Evans' career and Riverside era

    Albums Included:
    Everybody Digs Bill Evans
    LP 1

    1. Minority (Gigi Gryce)
    2. Young And Foolish (Horwit-Hague)
    3. Lucky To Be Me (Comden, Green-Bernstein)
    4. Night And Day (Cole Porter)
    5. Epilogue (Bill Evans)
    LP 2
    1. Tenderly (Walter Gross)
    2. Peace Piece (Bill Evans)
    3. What Is There To Stay? (Harburg-Duke)
    4. Oleo (Sonny Rollins)
    5. Epilogue (Bill Evans)

    LP 1

    1. Israel (John Carisi)
    2. Haunted Heart (Deitz-Schwartz)
    3. Beautiful Love (Gillespie-King-Van Alstyne-Young)
    4. Elsa (Earl Zindars)
    LP 2
    1. Nardis (Miles Davis)
    2. How Deep Is The Ocean? (Irving Berlin)
    3. I Wish I Knew (Gordon-Warren)
    4. Sweet And Lovely (Arnheim-Tobias-Lemare)

    Portrait In Jazz
    LP 1

    1. Come Rain Or Come Shine (Mercer-Arlen)
    2. Autumn Leaves (Mercer-Kosmo-Prevert)
    3. Witchcraft (Leigh-Coleman)
    4. When I Fall In Love (Heyman-Young)
    3. Peri's Scope (Bill Evans)
    LP 2
    1. What Is This Thing Called Love? (Cole Porter)
    2. Spring Is Here (Rodgers & Hart)
    3. Some Day My Prince Will Come (Morey-Churchill)
    2. Blue In Green (Davis-Evans)

    At Shelly’s Manne-Hole, Hollywood
    LP 1

    1. Isn't It Romantic (Rodgers, Hart)
    2. The Boy Next Door (Youmans, Harbach, Greene)
    3. Wonder Why (Brodszky, Cahn)
    4. Swedish Pastry (Barney Kessel)
    LP 2
    1. Our Love Is Here To Stay (G & I Gershwin)
    2. ‘Round Midnight (Monk, Williams)
    3. Stella By Starlight (Young, Washington)
    4. Blues IN “F” (Chuck Israels)

    How My Heart Sings!
    LP 1

    1. How My Heart Sings (Earl Zindars) Zindars Publ. Co.-BMI
    2. I Should Care (Cahn-Stordahl-Weston) Cahn Music/Hanover Music/Stordahl Music-ASCAP
    3. In Your Own Sweet Way (Dave Brubeck) Derry Music Co.-BMI
    4. Walking Up (Bill Evans) TRO-Acorn-BMI
    LP 2
    1. Summertime (Gershwin-Heyward-Gershwin) Chappell & Co., Inc./Gershwin Publ.-ASCAP
    2. 34 Skidoo (Bill Evans) TRO-Acorn-BMI
    3. Ev'rything I Love (Cole Porter) Chappell Music-ASCAP
    4. Show-Type Tune (Bill Evans) TRO-Acorn-BMI

    LP 1

    1. You And The Night And the Music (Dietz-Schwartz) (ASCAP)
    2. When You Wish Upon A Star (Washington-Harline) (ASCAP)
    3. I'll Never Smile Again (Ruth Lowe) (ASCAP)
    LP 2
    1. Interplay (Bill Evans) (BMI)
    2. You Go To My Head (Gillespie-Coots) (ASCAP)
    3. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams(Moll-Koehler-Barris) (ASCAP)

    LP 1

    1. RE: Person I Knew (Bill Evans) TRO-Acorn-BMI
    2. Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Burke-Van Heusen) Bourne Co./Music Sales Corp.-ASCAP
    3. I Fall In Love Too Easily (Styne-Cahn) SBK Feist Catalog-ASCAP
    4. Stairway To the Stars (Parish-Malneck-Signorelli) SBK Robbins Catalog-ASCAP
    LP 2
    1. If You Could See Me Now (Dameron-Sigman) SBK Robbins Catalog-ASCAP
    2. It Might As Well Be Spring (Rodgers-Hammerstein) Williamson Music ASCAP
    3. In Love In Vain (Kern-Robin) T.B. Harms, Inc.-ASCAP
    4. Very Early (Bill Evans) TRO-Acorn-BMI

    Waltz For Debby
    LP 1

    1. My Foolish Heart
    2. Waltz For Debby
    3. Detour Ahead
    LP 2
    1. My Roamnce
    2. Some Other Time
    3. Milestones

    Sunday At The Village Vanguard
    LP 1

    1. Gloria's Step (Scott LaFaro) Orpheum Music-BMI
    2. My Man's Gone Now (G. & I. Gershwin) Chappell Music-ASCAP
    3. Solar (Miles Davis) Prestige Music-BMI
    LP 2
    1. Alice In Wonderland (Fain-Hilliard) Walt Disney Music-ASCAP
    2. All Of You (Cole Porter) Chappell Music-ASCAP
    3. Jade Visions (Scott LaFaro) Orpheum Music-BMI

    Know What I Mean? (Cannonball Adderley)
    LP 1

    1. Waltz for Debby
    2. Goodbye
    3. Who Cares? (take 5)
    4. Venice
    LP 2
    1. Toy
    2. Elsa
    3. Nancy (WIth The Laughing Face)
    4. Know What I Mean? (re-take 7)

    New Jazz Conceptions
    LP 1

    1. I Love You
    2. Five
    3. I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
    4. Conception
    5. Easy Living
    6. Displacement
    LP 2
    1. Speak Low
    2. Waltz for Debby
    3. Our Delight
    4. My Romance
    5. No Cover, No Minimum


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  • AVRJ8497-45(2)

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    Shelly Manne & Bill Evans


    • Numbered, Limited Edition
    • Only the 1st 1,000 Copies are Numbered!
    • Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound!
    • Cut from the Absolute Original Analog Master Tapes!
    • 200 Gram, 45rpm 2LP
    • Pressed at Quality Record Pressings
    • Gatefold Jacket

    Bill Evans, piano
    Monty Budwig, bass
    Shelly Manne, drums

    1. The Washington Twist
    2. Danny Boy
    3. Let's Go Back to The Waltz
    4. With a Song In My Heart
    5. Goodbye
    6. I Believe In You


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  • APJ8762-45(2)

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    Bill Evans At The Montreux Jazz Festival
    • 200g Vinyl / 2LPs / 45 RPM

    Double LP 45 RPM reissue

    Track Listing:

    1. One For Helen
    2. A Sleeping Bee
    3. Mother Of Earl
    4. Nardis
    5. I Love You Porgy
    6. The Touch Of Your Lips
    7. Embraceable You
    8. Someday My Prince Will Come
    9. Walkin’ Up

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  • ERC040M

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    Bill Evans Trio Featuring Scott La Faro
    Sunday At The Village Vanguard (mono)

    Gloria’s Step
    My Man’s Gone Now
    Alice In Wonderland
    All Of You
    Jade Visions

    Mono LP – Catalogue Number. ERC040M

    Only 150 copies of each will be sold.

    ERC will not undertake a repress of any release at any future point.

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  • Hot


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    Bill Evans, Roy Haynes, Eric Dolphy, Oliver Nelson, Paul Chambers, Freddie Hubbard

    The Blues and the Abstract Truth (A-5)

    Bill Evans, piano
    Roy Haynes, drums
    Eric Dolphy, flute, alto saxophone
    Oliver Nelson, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
    Paul Chambers, bass
    Freddie Hubbard, trumpet

    • Limited Edition
    • 45rpm
    • 180g Vinyl
    • Double LP
    • Pressed by Quality Record Pressings
    • Gatefold jacket

    1. Stolen Moments
    2. Hoe Down
    3. Cascades
    4. Yearnin’
    5. Butch and Butch
    6. Teenie’s Blues


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  • APJ12-223-45(2)

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    New Jazz Conception Bill Evans

    • 180g 45rpm Double Vinyl
    • Mono

    Bill Evans, piano
    Teddy Kotick, bass
    Paul Motian, drums

    1. I Love You
    2. Five
    3. I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good
    4. Conception
    5. Easy Living
    6. Displacement
    7. Speak Low
    8. Waltz For Debby
    9. Our Delight
    10. My Romance
    11. No Cover, No Minimum


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  • APJ1129

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    Everybody Digs Bill Evans

    Bill Evans Trio

    • Vinyl LP

    Bill Evans, piano
    Sam Jones, bass
    “Philly” Joe Jones, drums

    1. Minority
    2. Young and Foolish
    3. Lucky To Be Me
    4. Night and Day
    5. Epilogue
    5. Tenderly
    6. Peace Piece
    7. What Is There to Say?
    8. Oleo
    9. Epilogue

    Recorded December 15, 1958 in New York.




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  • ORGLP070-45(2)

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    The Paris Concert (edition one)
    Bill Evans

    Pressed at RTI
    (Numbered Limited Edition)

    Track Listing:

    Side A
    1. I Do It For Your Love
    2. Quiet Now

    Side B
    1. Noelle’s Theme
    2. My Romance

    Side C
    1. I Loves You Porgy
    2. Up With The Lark

    Side D
    1. All Mine (Minha)
    2. Beautiful Love
    3. Excerpts Of A Conversation
    Between Bill And Harry Evans

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  • C 30855

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    The Bill Evans Album
    Bill Evans

    Track Listing:

    Side 1
    1. Funkallero
    2. Two Lonely People
    3. Sugar Plum
    4. Waltz For Debby

    Side 2
    1. T.T.T. (Twelve Tone Tune)
    2. Re: Person I Knew
    3. Comrade Conrad

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  • SF579410LP

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    Ian Fleming's Dr. No
    feat. John Barry and Byron Le
    Monty Norman

    Track Listing:

    Side A
    1. James Bond Theme
    2. James Bond Returns Home
    3. Kingston Calypso [Three Blind Mice] #1
    4. Jamaican Rock
    5. Jump Up!
    6. Audio Bongo
    7. Under The Mango Tree #1
    8. Twisting With James [aka James Bond Twist]
    9. Under The Mango Tree #2 [aka Jamaica Jazz]
    10. Under The Mango Tree #3
    11. Jump Up! #2

    Side B
    1. Dr. No’s Fantasy
    2. Tarantula
    3. Kingston Calypso [Three Blind Mice] #2
    4. The Island Speaks
    5. Under The Mango Tree #4
    6. The Boys Chase
    7. Dr. No’s Theme
    8. Theme For James Bond
    9. Dr. No Visits James Bond’s Bedroom
    10. Love At Last
    11. James Bond Theme #2 [End Title]

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