J.J. Cale

• 200 Gram Vinyl
• Lacquers plated by Gary Salstrom and Pressed at Quality Record Pressings
• Remastered and cut at 33 1/3 rpm by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound
• Gatefold Jacket

J. J. Cale, vocals, guitar, piano
Charles Dungey, bass guitar
Tommy Cogbill, bass guitar
Joe Osborn, bass guitar
Bill Raffensperger, bass guitar
Karl Himmel, drums
Kenny Buttrey, drums
Buddy Harman, drums
Jimmy Karstein, drums
Kenny Malone, drums
Gordon Payne, guitar
Chuck Browning, guitar
Reggie Young, rhythm guitar
Harold Bradley, rhythm guitar
Bill Boatman, rhythm guitar
Doug Bartenfeld, guitar
Lloyd Green, steel guitar
Buddy Emmons, steel guitar
Farrell Morris, percussion
Audie Ashworth, percussion
J.I. Allison, percussion
Don Tweedy, ARP
Bobby Woods, piano
Bill Purcell, piano
George Tidwell, trumpet
Dennis Goode, trombone
Billy Puett, saxophone

Side One:

1. Hey Baby
2. Travelin’ Light
3. You Got Something
4. Ride Me High
5. Hold On
6. Cocaine
Side Two:
1. I’m A Gypsy Man
2. The Woman That Got Away
3. Super blue
4. Let Me Do It To You
5. Cherry
6. You Got Me On So Bad


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