Love Devotion Surrender
Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin

Track Listing:

1. “Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation” (Rutley/Schon/Shrieve)
2. “Waves Within” (Rauch/Rolie/Santana)
3. “Look Up (To See What’s Coming Down)” (Rauch/Rolie/Santana)
4. “Just in Time to See the Sun” (Rolie/Santana/Shrieve)
5. “Song of the Wind” (Rolie/Santana/Schon)
6. “All the Love of the Universe” (Santana/Schon)
7. “Future Primitive” (Areas/Lewis)
8. “Stone Flower” (Jobim/Santana/Shrieve)
9. “La Fuente del Ritmo” (Lewis)
10. “Every Step of the Way” (Shrieve)

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