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The current LP of the concert recording of the Analog Days 2021 with the Jens Filser Organic Blues Project feat. Brenda Boykin was recorded live in the nerve-wracking Direct-to-2-Track process for the musicians in the legendary Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg. This is nerve-wracking because the music is mixed completely live and ends up on the analog stereo tape with all details and facets as it is played – without any possibility for subsequent editing. This is a challenge for musicians and the recording team alike.

The Bauer Studios are the oldest private studio in Germany. Stereo recordings have been made there since 1949, at a time when the entire broadcasting landscape in Germany was still broadcasting in mono. Over the past seven decades, a myriad of world stars have practically turned up at the studio in Ludwigsburg. The place has an almost magical effect on musicians.

The American singer Brenda Boykin, who lives in Germany, sparkles with energy and joie de vivre. Even though she has to do live performances sitting down due to physical impairments, she has her companions under control with small gestures, looks and hand movements, practically always a smile on her lips and a disarming, winning humor that shines through in her announcements. The band plays tight, groovy, driving, soaring – whatever the particular track and singer dictate. Boykin sometimes improvises in duets with virtuoso guitarist Jens Filser or with organist Dirk Schaadt, who always keeps an overview despite all the complexity and passion. For this concert in particular, Schaadt was pleased that the band was expanded to include double bassist Till Brandt. This gave Schaadt much more freedom to make his original Hammond organ and the rotating Leslie speaker jubilate, sob and whisper with both hands and all his passion. Normally, in the organist’s trio, the left hand is absorbed, virtually tied up, by the accompanying bass. Completely unleashed, but always keeping the song structures and Brenda Boykin’s conducting in mind, was Schaadt that evening at Bauer Studios.

Drummer Micky Neher and bassist Till Brandt were the backbone and musical drivers in personal union at this concert. The concert as an overall experience electrified and thrilled all spectators in equal measure.

This experience is now finally repeatable through this LP with 33 rpm!

Side A
1. My Babe
2. Mary Ann
3. Backbreaker

Side B
1. Bright Lights, Big City
2. Into The Mystic
3. Love Me Or Leave Me
4. Jolie Blon

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