鬼太鼓座:富嶽百景・抄録 アナログマスター・ダイレクトカット(LP)
Ondekoza: One Hundred Views of Mt.Fugaku/Abstract Analog Master Direct Cut (LP)

■Release date: September 30, 2023
■Product number: SSAR-097
■Specifications: LP 33 1/3 rotation 180g heavyweight disc
■Limited production

Will this sound be engraved in the grooves of the record?
The birth of the ultimate LP produced from analog master tapes for the first time

[Side A]
1. Toto – Shooting the drum as a kan –
2. Mikuni / Mikuni
3. Yumigahama / Yumigahama

1. Light and dark (Myoan) / Myoan
2. Fugaku Hyakkei / Fujiyama
3. Ondekobayashi / Ondeko-bayashi

Supervisor: Hideo Takada (Mixers Lab)
Cutting Engineer: Kitamura Katsutoshi (Mixers Lab)
Technical Engineer: Isao Kikuchi (Mixers Lab), Takuya Kato (Mixers Lab)
1-inch 2-track analog tape recorder System Engineer: Masamichi Ohashi (Japan General Production)
Liner Notes: Yuo Ohara

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