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2 Original Albums:
Freedom Sound + Lookin’ Ahead
The Jazz Crusaders

[DMM Cutting LP]

Track Listing:

Freedom Sound
Side A

1. The Geek
2. M.J.S. Funk
3. That’s It
4. Freedom Sound

Side B
1. Theme From Exodus
2. Coon

Bonus Tracks from ‘At The Lighthouse’
3. Congolese Sermon
4. Cathy’s Dilemma

Lookin’ Ahead
Side A

1. Song Of India
2. Big Hunk Of Funk
3. Tonight
4. 507 Neyland
5. Till All Ends
6. Tortoise And The Hare

Side B
1. In A Dream
2. Sinnin’ Sam
3. They Young Rabbits

Bonus Tracks from ‘At The Lighthouse’
4. Blues For Ramona
5. Appointment In Ghana

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