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2 Original Albums:
A Maid Of Constant Sorrow +
Golden Apples Of The Sun
Judy Collins

[DMM Cutting LP]

Track Listing:

A Maid of Constant Sorrow
Side A

1. Maid Of Constant Sorrow
2. The Prickilie Bush
3. Wild Mountain Thyme
4. Tim Evans
5. Sailor’s Life
6. Bold Fenian Men

Side B
1. Wars Of Germany
2. O Daddy Be Gay
3. I Know Where I’m Going
4. John Riley
5. Pretty Saro
6. The Rising Of The Moon

Golden Apples of the Sun
Side A

1. Golden Apples Of the Sun
2. Bonnie Ship The Diamond
3. Little Brown Dog
4. Twelve Gates To The City
5. Christ Child Lullaby
6. Great Selchie Of Shule Skerry

Side B
1. Tell Me Who I’ll Marry
2. Fannerio
3. Crow On The Cradle
4. Lark In The Morning
5. Sing Hallelujah
6. Shule Aroon

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