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The Legend Begins
Barbra Streisand

[DMM Cutting LP]

Track Listing:

Side 1
1. Happy Days Are Here Again
2. My Coloring Book
3. Lover, Come Back To Me

(from the I Can Get It for You Wholesale original Broadway cast album)
4. I’m Not A Well Man
5. Miss Marmelstein

Side 2
(from the Pins and Needles musical revue album)
1. Doing The Reactionary
2. Nobody Makes A Pass At Me
3. Not Cricket To Picket
4. Status Quo
5. What Good Is Love?

Side 3
(radio and TV broadcast recordings)
The Jack Paar Show
(guest host: Orson Bean), April 5, 1961
1. A Sleepin’ Bee
2. P.M. East, (host: Mike Wallace),
3. Moon River (from the January 2, 1962 broadcast)
4. P.M. East, (host: Mike Wallace),

Side 4
The Garry Moore Show,
(host: Garry Moore), May 29, 1962:
1. When The Sun Comes Out
2. Happy Days Are Here Again
3. Backstage with Lee Jordan,
(interview with the host), September, 1962
Song excerpt: Miss Marmelstein
4. The Tonight Show
(guest host: Groucho Marx), August 21, 1962
The Ed Sullivan Show
(host: Ed Sullivan), December 16, 1962
5. My Coloring Book
6. Lover Come Back To Me

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