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    Eva Cassidy Nightbird 180g 45rpm 7LP Box Set
    180g 45rpm 7LP Box Set!
    Includes All Tracks from the Blues Alley Gig!

    This set affords everyone the opportunity to experience Eva Cassidy’s tour-de-force performance at Blues Alley jazz club in Washington, D.C. on January 3, 1996.

    The Blues Alley performances were recorded for what was to become Eva’s only solo album released during her lifetime. The original Live at Blues Alley album only included 12 of the 31 songs recorded that night.

    Twenty years later, the Nightbird box set includes all 31 songs.

    180g Vinyl
    7LP Box Set
    All 31 Songs from the Blues Alley Gig on January 3, 1996
    Side 1:
    Blue Skies
    Ain’t Doing Too Bad
    Ain’t No Sunshine
    Side 2:
    Fields of Gold
    Baby I Love You
    Side 3:
    Honeysuckle Rose
    Route 66
    Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Side 4:
    Band Introduction
    Chain of Fools
    Side 5:
    Autumn Leaves
    Fine and Mellow
    Side 6:
    Cheek to Cheek
    It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
    Late in the Evening
    Side 7:
    Next Time You See Me
    Waly Waly
    Side 8:
    Take Me to the River
    Side 9:
    People Get Ready
    The Letter
    Son of a Preacher Man
    Side 10:
    Stormy Monday
    Tall Trees in Georgia
    Side 11:
    Something’s Got a Hold on Me
    Time After Time
    Side 12:
    Over the Rainbow
    You’re Welcome to the Club
    Side 13:
    You’ve Changed
    Side 14:
    What a Wonderful World
    Oh, Had I a Golden Thread

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    Eva Cassidy's Live At Blues Alley – 25th Anniversary Edition

    45rpm / 2LPs

    Live At Blues Alley
    (25th Anniversary)
    [2021 Masters]

    IVE AT BLUES ALLEY, the only solo album released during the late singer Eva Cassidy's short lifetime, released on December 3, 2021 as a specially remastered 25th Anniversary Edition from Blix Street Records. Available in CD and digital formats as well as a 180g 45rpm double LP set created to fully showcase the recordings' phenomenal sound. This marks the recording's first appearance on vinyl.

    25 years after its release in the summer of 1996, LIVE AT BLUES ALLEY is known the world over, becoming the cornerstone of a posthumous career. To celebrate this milestone, the original album recordings have been carefully re-mastered by Robert Vosgien, who mastered the original album, from the “first generation” unprocessed mixes. Vosgien elected to master in the digital domain to preserve the clarity and dynamics of Eva's incredible vocals, which now, more than ever, transport the listener back to the time and place.

    With more than 11 million in worldwide sales and critical acclaim such as the Wall Street Journal praising her “perfect pitch, impeccable timing and vulnerability” and USA Today citing her “emotional ability to reach the depths of any song,” her unerringly tasteful sense of material continues to propel interest in her recorded work all these years later.

    LIVE AT BLUES ALLEY — 25th Anniversary Edition follows the release of the documentary “Eva Cassidy – One Night That Changed Everything,” which details the events of January 2 and 3, 1996 via interviews with her band members in the Blues Alley venue while viewing footage from the original concert.
    01. Cheek To Cheek
    02. Stormy Monday
    03. Bridge Over Troubled Water
    04. Fine And Mellow
    05. People Get Ready
    06. Blue Skies
    07. Tall Trees In Georgia
    08. Fields Of Gold
    09. Autumn Leaves
    10. Honeysuckle Rose
    11. Take Me To The River
    12. What A Wonderful World
    13. Oh, Had I A Golden Thread

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  • G8-10220(2LP)

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    Eva Cassidy Songbird 180g 45rpm 2LP
    Eva Cassidy
    180g Audiophile 45rpm Double LP!
    Remastered For Vinyl Using Original Sources!

    Eva Cassidy’s unparalleled posthumous recording career began with the release of the Songbird album in early 1998. Twenty-three years and over five million sales later, Songbird sits atop Eva’s album catalog, with Eva’s becoming one of only 11 female artists ever to achieve 10 or more UK Gold albums.

    This seminal album is reissued on audiophile 45rpm heavyweight vinyl. Remastered for vinyl using original sources, Eva Cassidy’s bestselling US & UK platinum-certified album is available on double vinyl for the first time.


    Deluxe Edition
    180g Audiophile Vinyl
    Double LP
    2021 Remastered Using Original Sources
    Gatefold jacket
    Made in Germany

    Side One:

    Fields Of Gold
    Wade In The Water

    Side Two:

    Autumn Leaves
    Wayfaring Stranger

    Side Three:

    Time Is A Healer
    I Know You By Heart
    People Get Ready

    Side Four:

    Oh, Had I A Golden Thread
    Over The Rainbow

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  • G8-10217(2LPs)

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    EVA CASSIDY- Acoustic G8-10217(2LPs)

    Blix Street Records released Eva Cassidy's Acoustic album in January 2021 as track “Time After Time” underscored the Kay Jewelers' national ad campaign.

    Internationally renowned singer Eva Cassidy, who died from melanoma in 1996 at the age of 33, has been cultivating new fans in the U.S. as her signature rendition of Cyndi Lauper's classic “Time After Time” serves as the soundtrack for Kay Jewelers' national advertising campaign that has been running throughout the holiday season. On January 15, Blix Street Records released ACOUSTIC featuring 20 of Eva Cassidy's best loved acoustic tracks. “Time After Time” will lead off the new collection, which also includes favorites such as her acoustic interpretations of “Wade in the Water,” “Kathy's Song,” “Autumn Leaves,” “American Tune” and “Songbird.

    01. Time After Time
    02. Wayfaring Stranger
    03. Early Morning Rain
    04. At Last
    05. Wade In The Water
    06. Dark Eyed Molly
    07. Songbird
    08. Bold Young Farmer
    09. Tennessee Waltz
    10. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
    11. People Get Ready
    12. The Water Is Wide
    13. Kathy's Song
    14. True Colors
    15. You Take My Breath Away
    16. American Tune
    17. I Wandered By A Brookside
    18. Autumn Leaves
    19. Who Knows Where Time Goes
    20. Danny Boy

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    Simply Eva
    Eva Cassidy

    Track Listing:

    Side 1
    1. Songbird
    2. Who Knows Where Time Goes
    3. People Get Ready

    Side 2
    1. Wayfaring Stranger
    2. True Colors
    3. Autumn Leaves

    Side 3
    1. San Francisco Bay Blues
    2. Wade In The Water
    3. Time After Time

    Side 4
    1. Kathy's Song
    2. Over The Rainbow
    3. I Know You By Heart

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    Eva Cassidy


    Track Listing:

    Side 1
    1. Blue Skies
    2. Ain't Doin’ Too Bad
    3. Ain't No Sunshine
    4. Fields Of Gold

    Side 2
    1. Baby I Love You*
    2. Honeysuckle Rose
    3. Route 66*
    4. Bridge Over Troubled Water

    Side 3
    1. Eva introduces the band
    2. Chain Of Fools
    3. Fever
    4. Autumn Leaves
    5. Fine and Mellow

    Side 4
    1. Cheek To Cheek
    2. It Don't Mean A Thing
    (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
    3. Late In The Evening*
    4. Next Time You See Me*
    5. Waly Waly

    Side 5
    1. Take Me To The River
    2. Nightbird
    3. People Get Ready
    4. The Letter

    Side 6
    1. Son Of A Preacher Man*
    2. Stormy Monday
    3. Tall Trees In Georgia
    4. Something's Got A Hold On Me*

    Side 7
    1. Time After Time
    2. Over The Rainbow
    3. You’re Welcome to the Club*
    4. Caravan*

    Side 8
    1. You've Changed
    2. What A Wonderful World
    3. Oh, Had I A Golden Thread

    * 8 new songs

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  • G8-10145

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    Eva Cassidy

    Track Listing:

    Side 1
    1. Fields of Gold
    2. Wade In The Water
    3. Autumn Leaves
    4. Wayfaring Stranger
    5. Songbird

    Side 2
    1. People Get Ready
    2. I Know You By Heart
    3. Time Is A Healer
    4. Oh, Had I A Golden Thread
    5. Over The Rainbow

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  • G8-10173

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    Time After Time
    Eva Cassidy

    Track Listing:

    Side 1
    1. Kathy's Song
    2. Ain't No Sunshine
    3. The Letter
    4. At Last
    5. Time After time
    6. I Wandered By A Brookside

    Side 2
    1. Penny To My Name
    2. I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again
    3. Easy Street Dream
    4. Anniversary Song
    5. Woodstock
    6. Way Beyond The Blue

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  • G8-10175

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    Eva Cassidy

    Track Listing:

    Side 1
    1. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
    2. Fever
    3. Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
    4. Tennessee Waltz
    5. Imagine

    Side 2
    1. Early Morning Rain
    2. You've Changed
    3. Still Not Ready
    4. I Can Only Be Me
    5. Danny Boy

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  • G8-10179

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    American Tune
    Eva Cassidy

    Track Listing:

    Side 1
    1. Drowning In The Sea Of Love
    2. Dark Eyed Molly
    3. The Water Is Wide
    4. Hallelujah, I Love Him So
    5. God Bless The Child

    Side 2
    1. True Colors
    2. It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
    3. American Tune
    4. Yesterday
    5. You Take My Breath Away

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  • G8-10190

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    Eva Cassidy

    Track Listing:

    Side 1
    1. Coat of Many Colors
    2. My Love Is Like A Red Rose
    3. Ain’t Doin’ Too Bad
    4. Chain of Fools
    5. Won’t Be Long
    6. Walkin After Midnight

    Side 2
    1. A Bold Young Farmer
    2. Early One Morning
    3. If I Give My Heart
    4. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
    5. Summertime
    6. Somewhere

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