Ian Fleming's Dr. No
feat. John Barry and Byron Le
Monty Norman

Track Listing:

Side A
1. James Bond Theme
2. James Bond Returns Home
3. Kingston Calypso [Three Blind Mice] #1
4. Jamaican Rock
5. Jump Up!
6. Audio Bongo
7. Under The Mango Tree #1
8. Twisting With James [aka James Bond Twist]
9. Under The Mango Tree #2 [aka Jamaica Jazz]
10. Under The Mango Tree #3
11. Jump Up! #2

Side B
1. Dr. No’s Fantasy
2. Tarantula
3. Kingston Calypso [Three Blind Mice] #2
4. The Island Speaks
5. Under The Mango Tree #4
6. The Boys Chase
7. Dr. No’s Theme
8. Theme For James Bond
9. Dr. No Visits James Bond’s Bedroom
10. Love At Last
11. James Bond Theme #2 [End Title]

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