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  • IMP3303MQA

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    Patricia Barber Clique MQA CD
    Patricia Barber

    MQA Encoded CD!
    Mixed by Jim Anderson at Skywalker Sound!
    Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering!
    Includes Never-Before-Seen Photos & Essays!


    MQA Encoded CD
    MQA CD plays back on all CD players
    When a conventional CD player is connected to an MQA-enabled device, the CD will reveal the original master quality
    Recorded by Grammy-winning engineer Jim Anderson in DXD ultra-high resolution (32bit/352.8 kHz)
    Mixed by Jim Anderson at Skywalker Sound
    Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering
    Technical Producer Ulrike Schwarz, Anderson Audio New York
    Recorded using Merging+Clock U Technologies & Music Chords Power Distribution
    Pressed at Sonopress in Germany
    Strikingly designed packaging with never-before-seen photos & engaging essays by Jazz Times’ Thomas Conrad, NPR correspondent Susan Stamberg, Jim Anderson & Patricia Barber

    Patricia Barber piano, vocals
    Jim Gailloreto saxophone
    Neal Alger guitar
    Patrick Mulcahy bass
    Jon Deitemyer drums
    Selections with Sound Samples

    This Town

    Trouble Is A Man
    Samba De Uma Nota Só (One Note Samba)
    I Could Have Danced All Night
    The In Crowd
    Shall We Dance?
    Straight No Chaser
    All In Love Is Fair

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  • IMP6035-45(2)

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    Patricia Barber Cafe Blue 1STEP 180g 45rpm 2LP
    Patricia Barber

    Genre: Jazz
    Brand: Impex
    Size: 12″

    Additional Artists: John McLean Michael Arnopol Mark Walker
    Format: 45RPM,

    TAS Super LP List! Special Merit: Informal

    1STEP Process 180g 45rpm Double LP Pressed on VR900-Supreme Vinyl!
    Cut From Original Analog Work Masters by Kevin Gray at CoHearent Audio!
    Strictly Limited To 5000 Numbered Pressings!

    Impex Records, we are always looking to create new, value-added audiophile products that expand your enjoyment and immersion in great recordings. In that vein, we are excited to begin 2020 by announcing our new ultra-luxe 180-gram LP series, Impex 1STEP. As with all of our productions we supervise and create every asset by hand and never settle for any asset that isn’t The Best It Can Be.

    The Impex 1STEP process relies on short, tightly-controlled runs that require a new lacquer after each 500 pressings. This unforgiving format has the lacquer skipping the regular father-mother process, going right to a single convert and then pressing. Though this dramatically increases mastering and production costs, it also assures each run is more consistent from disc to disc, with less noise, clearer details and deeper bass.

    Two 180-gram 45-rpm LPs, pressed on VR900-supreme vinyl, and a deluxe booklet are packaged in a heavy-duty 3-sleeve jacket. The jacket is then placed in a cloth-bound slip case that protects your investment and brings a cool retro-modern look to your shelves. Strictly limited to 5,000 pressings!

    Reducing production complexity to just a single “convert” disc between the lacquer and the press greatly improves groove integrity, diminishes non-fill anomalies and increases signal integrity from the master tape to your system.

    Patricia Barber has always been an artist’s artist, harnessing a restless imagination and an intellectualized curiosity to create visionary jazz that breaks boundaries and reorders perceptions. She serves the chase: the unexpected musical note. The irreplaceable word. The irregular beating heart of jazz.

    And Café Blue is the album that best personifies her genius. Spare, turbulent, quirky, and slyly humorous, there is no other jazz masterwork quite like it.

    For our first collaboration with this musical vanguard, Impex’s 1STEP is exclusively cut from original analog work masters and cut by Kevin Gray at CoHearent Audio. The stunning fidelity, breathtaking dynamics and startling spacial realism surpass every other edition of this breakthrough album.

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  • UDSACD2100

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    A Distortion Of Love
    Patricia Barber

    Track Listing:

    1. Summertime
    2. Subway Station No. 5
    3. You Stepped Out of a Dream
    4. Parts Parallels
    5. Or Not To Be
    6. Yellow Car
    7. Yet Another In a Long Series of Yellow Cars
    8. I Never Went Away
    9. My Girl
    10. Be Myself

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